05 September 2014


Hello everyone!

We had our company's Summer Party a week ago, which was pink themed. I usually wear pink on normal days as well so since it didn't really feel like such a big deal to me compared to most of the finns, I wanted to do something more.

I spent a few hours cutting, teasing and overall fixing one of my unusable wigs and made it look pretty fabulous if I do say so myself!
I also wanted to do a heavy makeup to match the hair. I got some pointers to my last look on International Gyaru community on Facebook so I tried to implement all those tips this time!

Blouse from Yumetenbo, skorts Liz Lisa, shoes NoFall, wig eBay, hair flower Claire's

Cutie Jess in the picture with me, she is such a wonderful person, I am really happy we both work in the same company ♥ She took my outfit picture!

My cute colleagues wanted us to pose like Japanese girls, haha :'D Those pink sunglasses and leis were provided by the company, I'm so happy, free pink stuff~ ^^
After posting my picture in the Facebook group I also got my first Valentine! I'm so happy and honored, not sure if the person who posted this reads my blog but if you do, thank you so much, it made my day! ^^

I have been sick for 3 days now so not feeling too great at the moment, hopefully you guys have a better weekend ahead of you! ♥