24 August 2014


 I saw my dear friend Anni yesterday and decided to put some effort into my look for the occasion~ She is moving to another town to study . _ . Luckily we are both somewhat introverted nerds who have no problem keeping in touch via interwebs, but still I feel a bit sad that she is going. 

I wanted to try to do a droopy eyed make up but it turned out more round than I anticipated. Need more practice! I also got some pointers from Facebook's gyaru community so going to try those next time! ^^

Bolero from random store, skirt is second hand Liz Lisa and shoes from Dreamv! Jewelry from all over.

Gah, posing is still so awkward even when I am doing it alone at my home ^^' Well, I guess it will get easier the more you do it!

Thanks for reading and have a nice week~♥


  1. so cute *-* love your outfit


    1. Thank you so much sweetheart! ^^ ♥