20 August 2014


We finally had time to meet with the lovely nugguts last Sunday! Although one was missing, since Pin wasn't feeling too well and had to sit out this time >: I feel like only a half of a grumpy old man without him! Hopefully we have time to meet up with everyone soon!

I had some time to take some selfies before my guests arrived. It was so nice to just meet everyone at my place, no uncomfortable shoes and my outfit was super relaxed as well~ Just perfect for hanging out!

We ordered some pizza and watched Girl's Life, since I hadn't seen it and oh boy... I think I would've preferred to stay that way. The story didn't make much sense and the movie was filled with scenes that didn't serve any purpose at all. The homeless guy was my favorite!

Like trü gyarus, we do our make up even while eating!

My outfit, as I said, was very simple. Bow is made by me, shirt from a local clothing store's kids' section, skort is LizLisa(replica?) and socks from eBay I guess?

I have a huge dog fever and Emma was not helping at all. She is such a lovely dog, small, fluffy, well behaved, likes to be scratched and held and waaaaahhh I want a puppy sooooo badly ; _ ;

I also bought some used clothing from Ronja so you will be seeing them hopefully soon in future outfit shots, stay tuned! :3

Have a nice day~♥

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