28 July 2014

End of Summer Inspo '14

Today is the day. The day when I make my first Inspiration blog post!
Most of my friends know that my favorite brand of all time is Liz Lisa! Sometimes they miss the mark on my aesthetic scale, but usually I find many items that I like a lot! But from what I have seen from this year's AW collection it looks just... well, not to my liking to say the least. For me this just looks like something that very old people would wear.

I have been going towards more of a boyish look recently, but most of the colors for men's clothing are really dark and depressing (especially so in Finland), so I have been trying to look for inspiration somewhere. And I can safely say, I have fallen in love with two brands.

First one is
Major Made!

 I really fell for this style! Not only do they have this cute boyish, hiphopvibey (it's totally a word) outfits, they also have quite clean and simple traditionally girly outfits as well!

I think what really made me feel attracted to trying a style like this is how easy and comfy it looks.
I have become so lazy using high heels these days, haha~ Hi tops all day for me please~ _:(´u`」 ∠):_

Second one is

The reasoning here is pretty much the same as before. So colorful, looks comfy and cute ´3`
I know I am like 6 years late to the CocoLulu party but whatever!

Any common favorites?

Have a nice week~♥

27 July 2014


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24 July 2014


Hello all!

I decided to make a new blog so I can have the same name on all of my accounts.

♥Game Artist
♥Gyaru Finland Admin

This blog will mostly consist of stuff to do with my style and other superficial things. If you are into that, please do follow~