22 December 2014


Hello all!

Here's my outfit for Gyaru Finland's Xmas Meetup from last Saturday. We went to sit in a cafe, took some pictures and went to a few shops. It was quite a short meetup, I had to leave pretty early to go eat with my boyfriend~ I like shorter meetups though, since the wigs and makeup start to get really uncomfortable after some hours ^^'

I wanted to have something Christmas themed and after coming up with the outfit I realized I needed a head piece to complete the outfit. So inspired by Pin's last year Halloween outfit I decided to have a bow with some decorations on it!

You can't really tell from the pictures but I matched my piercings with my other golden jewelry~ When they have completely healed I'm going to change them to golden rings! ^^

Our small meet up group! ^^

With Pin, I am always amazed with his hair skills, I mean dayummm if that isn't the most gorgeous piece of wig I have ever seen. Until his next creation of course.

Hope everyone will have relaxing holidays ahead of them! ♥

17 December 2014


So I realized I never posted my Halloween look(s) here! Sorry about that!

So this was my outfit and make up for our company Halloween party! I won the first place on the "Scariest Costume" category and received lots of compliments, so I guess this look was a success! ^^ I liked it a lot, but can't say the same for my skin, hahaha ^^' But it was still worth it!! And I got a good excuse to wear a sailor uniform!

I also attended another party a week after, and since I wanted to be comfy and not put too much strain on my face I just opted for one small scar, since they are fun to make~ I don't have may pictures, but here's at least one! My friends lovingly called me Russian hooker ♥

Damn I love those shoes but they hurt like hell. The most painful shoes I have ever own ; _ ;

I have some pictures I haven't posted, I'll try to get to it during my Christmas vacation, I have been crazy busy and tired so I haven't had any time to update! I have promised myself that I will cut down on activities next year so I have more time to do stuff that I actually want to do! I have some wigs already waiting in line to be customized and I have some outfit ideas as well! :3 So stay tuned!