21 September 2014


Hello everyone! Autumn seems to be here, although it still has been relatively warm.

We had a Gyaru Finland meet up yesterday, hosted by Sofia! Thanks for making it happen! ^^

It was already quite an adventure getting to the cafe where we were supposed to meet looking like this... some people were rude but there were also these young guys who were like "COTTON CANDYYYY!!! I love it! You look awesome!" which made me really happy :'3 Random people were generally nicer this time around than before, I hope it's a trend that will stick!

I had bought a new wig and I had decided to try another sujimori for it as well! I think it turned out better than the first one so I guess I have learned at least something! ^^ I already have some ideas what to do with the third one once I decide on a color! I also have another wig project under way so I will be posting some pictures of that once I have the time to work with it!

Anyways, since I had quite a lot of hair I kept the outfit very simple. Also I didn't really have clothes to match the hair unfortunately . _ .' I wanted to wear different colored lenses but my eyes weren't cooperating so I decided to wear the ones that were actually comfy!

We didn't have as many people as I hoped for, which was a shame. But there is of course pros to having a smaller group, I think this time I got to chat at least a bit with everyone : ) 

I should've asked for more pictures together with people but I always feel so shy and don't want to bother them, gah > n < Luckily I got some with Sofia and Saga! Too bad they had to leave quite early, but it was nice to meet Saga irl since I have only talked with her online before this!

After our host left we weren't sure what to do, but soon we just decided to go to Hesburger due to it being always a bit deserted :'D After Hesburger we walked around for a bit and went to a cafe, haha! Day filled with food! Not that I'm complaining.

Eventually it was time to go home. Me and Amanda had to do some grocery shopping and as we walked to the store, some Russian guys wanted to take pictures with us :'D We agreed since they were polite enough to ask, and afterwards when we were waiting for our busses some guy came to talk to us and asked what is this style. He also wanted to take a picture and said he has never seen anything like this before, it was pretty funny how amazed he was!

It was a very nice day and I think we need to start organizing this year's Halloween Meetup soon! 

Today I went to a Magic the Gathering Prerelease event with my friends and hoooo boy, we were there for over 6 hours!! I didn't anticipate for it to last so long so now I am quite spent! I only won one out of five game sets, but it was fun nevertheless!

Hopefully you had a nice weekend and a great week ahead of you! ♥

06 September 2014


Just a quick outfit/face post from Saturday!

I received some new stuff last week so I wanted to do an outfit with my new cap and lenses! I tried to make it a bit CocoLulu/MajorMade inspired! I was also inspired by my friend and her awesome style!

 I ordered this Dope cap from eBay, and new green lenses from MapleLens! They were dirt cheap as they don't have prescription in them. It was super difficult to put them on since most of my lenses are a lot more firm! I had to wear glasses but I left them out of the pictures since they always block the makeup so much . _ .

I have been sick last week so I wanted to have something really simple and comfortable, I also realized I don't have any proper accessories for outfits like this. Truth be told I have no idea how to accessorize this at all, since I'd rather not be covered with super colorful plastic jewelry (reminds me of my teenage years too much!) . _ . Maybe something like golden chains and stuff, I don't know? D:

I even put some pink eyeshadow on, usually I'm too lazy to use any, ahahaha~ I don't have much room on my lid so it's barely noticeable behind my huge lashes. I actually tried a different pair of DollyWink lashes at first, but it just didn't look right and I changed to DiamondLash, I guess I am too used to these ones already >n<

Hopefully you are feeling better than I am and will stay healthy during the autumn! ♥

05 September 2014


Hello everyone!

We had our company's Summer Party a week ago, which was pink themed. I usually wear pink on normal days as well so since it didn't really feel like such a big deal to me compared to most of the finns, I wanted to do something more.

I spent a few hours cutting, teasing and overall fixing one of my unusable wigs and made it look pretty fabulous if I do say so myself!
I also wanted to do a heavy makeup to match the hair. I got some pointers to my last look on International Gyaru community on Facebook so I tried to implement all those tips this time!

Blouse from Yumetenbo, skorts Liz Lisa, shoes NoFall, wig eBay, hair flower Claire's

Cutie Jess in the picture with me, she is such a wonderful person, I am really happy we both work in the same company ♥ She took my outfit picture!

My cute colleagues wanted us to pose like Japanese girls, haha :'D Those pink sunglasses and leis were provided by the company, I'm so happy, free pink stuff~ ^^
After posting my picture in the Facebook group I also got my first Valentine! I'm so happy and honored, not sure if the person who posted this reads my blog but if you do, thank you so much, it made my day! ^^

I have been sick for 3 days now so not feeling too great at the moment, hopefully you guys have a better weekend ahead of you! ♥