06 September 2014


Just a quick outfit/face post from Saturday!

I received some new stuff last week so I wanted to do an outfit with my new cap and lenses! I tried to make it a bit CocoLulu/MajorMade inspired! I was also inspired by my friend and her awesome style!

 I ordered this Dope cap from eBay, and new green lenses from MapleLens! They were dirt cheap as they don't have prescription in them. It was super difficult to put them on since most of my lenses are a lot more firm! I had to wear glasses but I left them out of the pictures since they always block the makeup so much . _ .

I have been sick last week so I wanted to have something really simple and comfortable, I also realized I don't have any proper accessories for outfits like this. Truth be told I have no idea how to accessorize this at all, since I'd rather not be covered with super colorful plastic jewelry (reminds me of my teenage years too much!) . _ . Maybe something like golden chains and stuff, I don't know? D:

I even put some pink eyeshadow on, usually I'm too lazy to use any, ahahaha~ I don't have much room on my lid so it's barely noticeable behind my huge lashes. I actually tried a different pair of DollyWink lashes at first, but it just didn't look right and I changed to DiamondLash, I guess I am too used to these ones already >n<

Hopefully you are feeling better than I am and will stay healthy during the autumn! ♥