28 July 2014

End of Summer Inspo '14

Today is the day. The day when I make my first Inspiration blog post!
Most of my friends know that my favorite brand of all time is Liz Lisa! Sometimes they miss the mark on my aesthetic scale, but usually I find many items that I like a lot! But from what I have seen from this year's AW collection it looks just... well, not to my liking to say the least. For me this just looks like something that very old people would wear.

I have been going towards more of a boyish look recently, but most of the colors for men's clothing are really dark and depressing (especially so in Finland), so I have been trying to look for inspiration somewhere. And I can safely say, I have fallen in love with two brands.

First one is
Major Made!

 I really fell for this style! Not only do they have this cute boyish, hiphopvibey (it's totally a word) outfits, they also have quite clean and simple traditionally girly outfits as well!

I think what really made me feel attracted to trying a style like this is how easy and comfy it looks.
I have become so lazy using high heels these days, haha~ Hi tops all day for me please~ _:(´u`」 ∠):_

Second one is

The reasoning here is pretty much the same as before. So colorful, looks comfy and cute ´3`
I know I am like 6 years late to the CocoLulu party but whatever!

Any common favorites?

Have a nice week~♥


  1. Uijui, ihania kuvia! <3
    Oon pitkästä aikaa tänä kesänä hurahtanut amekajiin uudestaan ja oon salaa mielessäni elätellyt toivetta siitä,
    että just tollanen Co&Lu-tyyli palaisi vielä joskus takaisin. (; u ;)

    1. Haa, voidaan epäsalaa elätellä molemmat toiveita!
      Siun täytyy kyllä tulla johkin miittiin niin voidaan sitten yhdessä vetästä niskaan kaikkea pirteetä ja värikästä (ainakin heti kun saan vaatekaappiin jotain tyyliin sopivaa~)!

  2. Love all those outfits *-*

    I'm a new follower, here's my link if you want to see my blog ^ ^ http://cookiescorpse.blogspot.com.es/

    1. I think they are great as well, now I just have to buy some similar clothes and learn to coordinate accordingly! ^^

      Thank you for following, I will check out your blog as well! ^^

  3. "että just tollanen Co&Lu-tyyli palaisi vielä joskus takaisin. (; u ;)"
    ^ Komppaan kanssa tätä. Niin ihanaa ja värikästä hhhh. <3

    1. Niinpä, sitä odotellessa! Tai sit ei vaan ootella vaan tuodaan se ite takaisin >:3

  4. Gotta say, I agree with you on that Liz Lisa piece. As soon as I saw it, my immediate reaction was "Yuck!" the only piece I like so far is the tartan dress with the heart front. Even though I have always loved Co&Lu I did not know about the brand called Major made! I am loving so many of their coordinates! Definitely new sources of inspiration!

    1. Yeah, same for me! I hope they will still release some new things that I'll like more :/ it has been the most disappointing line so far for me.
      I just randomly bumped to it in tumblr as well, I really like it now! : ) It seems to have the right type of variety for my tastes at least, happy to know you found it pleasing as well! ^^