18 November 2014

♛ Gina Glamour ♛ Wig Tutorial with Winkie Winkie Verkkokauppa

Hello everyone, and sorry for my hiatus!

It was not intentional but stuff kind of kept piling up and made it difficult to dress up. Biggest reason is being busy most of the time, and I also got laser surgery on my eyes last Thursday! I haven't been allowed to wear any makeup, let alone contact lenses, so I have been looking even more basic than I usually do on my normal days ^^' But tomorrow I am getting rid of the protective contact lenses and we have a Gyaru Finland meetup on Saturday, so you can expect some new photos then!

Today I'd like to share with you a wig tutorial I made in collaboration with a Finnish web shop called Winkie Winkie Verkkokauppa ~! They sponsored a wonderful wig for me to customize, it was super fun and the wig almost created itself. If you are interested in purchasing the same wig you can find it here~!

The tutorial is only in Finnish but if you have any questions I'll do my best to answer them!

I wanted to make a whole look around the wig so I decided to do something hime inspired to compliment the hair!

Dress - LizLisa
Boots - eBay

Here you can maybe see the volume a bit better~ It was really easy to create this style with this particular wig since it had volume in all the right places while the ends weren't as thick so I didn't even need to trim it at all!

Hopefully all of you are having a nice week ♥


  1. I always love the way you style your wigs! ^ ^
    This one turned out gorgeous <3

  2. You're so beautiful <3 your style is gorgeous!


    1. Thank you sweetheart, you are always so kind ♥

  3. the wig is very nice and looks very thick!

    1. Thank you, it is a very good quality wig indeed! ^^

  4. Very cute!